>Well, now, that things dont always go as they should is not anything to get upset about really but getting your customers dumped in the briney ocean, when they thought they were going to arrive in a woodland paradise where birds sing and all that stuff, is not good for business…

And the Linden Boys decided it would be interesting for me to examine a bluish sand at minus 180 meters, which, unlikely as it may seem, could have amused me for 10 seconds the first time they did it to me,(I was only trying to Sit), but by the 4th time the joke was wearing pretty thin.

But, the worst thing, and what has spurred me on to rant in such an unseemly manner is my jeans. The ones I normally wear, have been turned into cut-offs, without my consent and, totally ‘no mod’. Now from what I’ve seen them wearing, the Lindens are not to trusted for fashion tips…..
and for them to suddenly start cutting up my jeans……it makes my blood boil….

SORT IT OUT….theres more bugs than you can shake a stick at…

And you emptied everyones library except for some tat…e.g. Accessories folder…..a torch?????…..you wanna get out more….


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Filed under Angry Rant by Soror Nishi

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