>Autumnal colours

>Some new trees by Mr. Moonsoo at the cloud shop, TREEWORKS, just use the Picks in my Profile to tp, if u fancy a look…

Ah, those wonderful colours…

Well, the bugs are out in full force now that autumn is approaching……and Blogger even gives theirs a name…bX-qeihpe, was the one stopping me uploading….oh, well, not as bad as the Linden boys who have bugs in all sorts of crevices… poor Kalt…..5 hours of his day gone, just trying to log on……and I’m sure its not a sort of squirrel prejudice, but a wider bug population….
made me wonder if the Total Resident Population also included the insect life, and what proportion were tunneling their little way through the secret connections and valves in my puter….

doesnt bear thinking about…..



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