>The hot weather continues..

>Well, its understandable that dancing in this hot weather can make you want to throw off some clothes but a few people went the whole hog at Callisto last night , which could have caused a bit of a stir….

Anyway, at least one of the DJ’s was a litttle more careful about what the general public was offered, visually, that is….

and I met a person called J C Anvil who was very complimentary about my work and showed me his beach house and beach, nice, very laid back style…

but the big thing was for me the chance to see my two prim tree done with giant prims….hehhhe…. I know the Linden Boys don’t like em, but it was HUGE…..hehhhee… rather impractical, my camera couldn’t get far enough away to see what I was doing….

but I’m getting the photo developed so I can show u tomorrow



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