>Burning Life, (Diablo) 80,114,24

>Talk about art reflecting life……. First I find a great house in rl….. then, I entered a Lottery in SL for land parcels at Burning Life, (thx Roy for telling me about Burning Life) and I won. I got a parcel of land, 2096M to build my stuff on, before it all gets deleted after the Burning.

So, I didn’t know anything about the Burning Man before this…….. Its a big festival of art and music that happens in the desert every year…. and no trace is left when they leave.

So here, theres 22 sims of art…

and , of course, I thought it would be great to bring some flowers and trees here…..

Well, I’m hoping to be finished for the 24th , which is when it sort of starts…. and the Burning is on the 1st October, I think, but, you know me, I will give you all the right details, eventually…..


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