>Well, if I could be bothered……this is what I’d email to the Linden Boys…..

Dear Boys,
Now, you knew htere were gonna be a few people turn up to see the burning, you been advertising it all week on my screen when I log in……SO, well, dont you think you should have made a few arrangements, sort of to allow for all the interested parties…???
Now, if I was in charge, I would know that the old Lets-Meet-At-The- Joining- Point -Of-4-Sims trick just wouldnt cut the mustard…and…surprise…it was crap……

Well, this is beans photo of the Burning…… hmmmm

I got a photo, straight from the event, this is Daaneth Kivioq going out to burn the man, followed by all his lampbearers…
great…… now, he had a lot of trouble walking, the rest of us were totally immobilized….. dont you think a dragon avi is a bit ambitious? a squirrel might haver been better..or something low-prim….???.. well, I know nothing and so I crashed like ,well, the whole sim??? not sure, cos i couldnt get back in to do my Investigative Reporting for you guys…
but I did here someone shout….”bugger, I can only see a leg and it pretty tame”…now I assume that the first to suffer in high lag are the effects…like fire….but what do I know….


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