>Moving tomorrow…..omg…..


Well, this is my 26th Ancient One, and although its only a sapling at the moment the genetic material is intact for future generations…. the leaves have started to turn blue, well, autumn is approaching….

and this is my second one prim tree, a goal I had set myself a while back….I wanted to compete with the nasty photo trees you see everywhere in SL, and the only advantage they USED to have was that they were low prim,,…. well, you dont get lower than one prim….. now anyone can plant a forest on a 512……

On a totally different note….. someone was kind enough to nominate me for the art award…..lol
The banner is very naff…and I have to stress that I had nothing to do with the design and will be redesigning it when I’ve moved…..first priority….:))
No doubt I will be begging round trying to find different places to set up my banner when its done,… tho it will probably be 3D someting….. nicer than this anyway…



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