>A bit of news…

>Well, the first thing is that Kalt has been gathering leaves in large quantities and has gone into hibernation…I don’t blame him, it was hideously cold last few days……..

And the other is that I got bored with the kimono, and changed clothes at last, I went to Floras building class and seemed to make a real hash of it, but it was SL playing tricks on me…..

So, anyway, Iowa Ireton is a master chef and has come to me for a few of the delicacies I grow on the island. He needs top ingredients and has gone of with carrots, asparagus, papaya, pears, django beans, and two types of mushroom….so he was well glad, knowing all my produce is fresh and clean. Keeps well too….:)

Also, I made another tree tho I said i would give it up….I just had too…lol
well, two actually, 32nd and 33rd…. but now, thats enough…
Must get a life….

Gotta do my first hard days work tomorrow in RL…..eeekk……..will be a big shock…



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