>1,5000,000 US$

>Well, very nice of someone who i dont know to have deposited 1.5 million US in an account for me…….all I had to do was send my address and telephone no…. well instead I redirected/forwarded the nice mans email to:


and probably they will do something…..who knows…
anyway, anyone who calls me My Dear is gonna be a weirdo..:))

Otherwise not much going on, still a few small bugs floating around but I havent crashed for a while which has gotta be good news….
Stiil working on the Bog, its in my Picks, and I think the LM is pretty good so you dont have to end up underwater…….
Shame that the Squirrel-Master has gone into Hibernation…… have to do it all myself……oh well, a work in progress.


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