>Frocks and Tortoises

>Well, I got a new frock for Caros wedding….great…. needed something a little less “mad tree-woman” so I look quite normal in this one….cool. Couldn’t wear my white kimono, bit of a no-no at weddings….
Then, while I was trying to fit a shadow under my latest tree….. a mini mummy doing wheelies on his bike with three toroises started to scare a huge dragon….
Well, the mini-mummy was called Vianne Udet and was very fond of his/her three pets, Bettie, Oldie and Gebbie…. i gave them some vegetables which I had lying around in my Inventory since I made them for the chef…..
Well, the dragon, Crazod Zehetbauer, was getting very crazod and skittish…
and distracted me from my artistic musings……
Vianne did some great wheelies tho…

Anyway I just got on with a new project which I’ll tell you all about when I got names and things written down….
Quite pleased with ancient 34……. :))

Last night went to a building class with Floradora Sol…. can thoroughly recommend it….. just find her in search…shes very cool…


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