>Tree Mad


Well, this is the 36th Ancient and with those lovely lights she looks great at night of course. I have Floradora Sol to thank for the script…

Now, this one is interesting because the tex is from a tree trunk I made for a show in Los Angeles (RL) where a guy called Great Escape is putting on a show of objects created in SL and transfered to RL by making paper models of them, at least thats what he says hes doing with them…
Of course he cant do canopies….. too much like hard work to cut lots of little holes like you get in an alpha tex…. so it’ll just be the trunk….

And I just downloaded the new version of SL and theres a huge list of bugs its supposed to have fixed, so we’ll see…..
Must say in general that I havent crashed so much recently, but then thats a dangerous thing to say

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