>OK, I know its been ages since I wrote but its been high stress…lolol….I went for an interview and the stress was just tooo much… first, i had to find the iron, it only normally comes out at weddings and funerals……and I missed Caro and Monty’s wedding which really pissed me off, I had my head in other places (up my own…..) so I was really annoyed with myself. Anyway, I found the iron but didnt have any shoes to match so I went out and bought a pair, cheap, well, not that cheap, and thought wow, I’m gonna be really pissed if I dont get the job. bought some accessories in a second-hand shop and was worrying about this interview all week.

Read Bob Dylans book, reading is how I bury my head when I dont wanna think… and was generally miserable until I went for the job today. Well, the woman that saw me was very nice but, instead of giving me the job and a huge salary said to come back to a second interview next week. God, its not for fucking president….lol…..I’m only gonna move some plants around…

So, then I been doing some gardening too and its been hard work, I have been sitting on my cute little bum for over a year now, so the activity nearly killed me.. anyway, back on track now cos when I go to be reinterviewed, well, she can just give me the job or stick it, I’m passed caring now…. :))……

Well, back to reality, I gotta do something with my beach, the place is a real tip; there’s plants and trees everywhere and I think I gotta move em all…. big job, my invent will explode….


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