>c r a shed

>Ah, well, just been exploring the exact nature of blue sand and then it all went horribly wrong, but not before I got to plant the 40th ancient one so thats a bit of a milestone, especially when I said that 30 would be my last, just another idle promise like so many I make…. still haven’t made any New Year resolutions so thats a step in the right direction anyway.

Been doing a bit of tidying round too, not bad…. keep finding strange things on the beach, not that I mind, cos its great that people use it as a sand box… just strange what some people choose to build, but I guess that could be said about me too.

Well, I’m ready to try and do a forest now, got enough species, and I’d love to do animals as well. Made my first little monster, but have to get it to live now…. watch this space…

I’ll have to post a photo now I’ve mentioned it…


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Filed under another rainy day in RL

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