>bad hair day in SL

>Well, couldn’t do much today, couldn’t tp or use my inventory and all my friends were hippos…..????
Just a bit too much bug breeding I guess..

Well, it’ll probably all settle down a bit in the course of the day..(she said optimistically)… meanwhile, back in RL, well, January and February are really not that great an idea. Would probably be better to go from christmas to spring really, except for those lucky souls in warmer climes like Oz and NZ…
Not much going on ‘cept the the rent here…..
oh, and the dentist…. god that guy must be RICH….. may have to sleep on the streets with good teeth my only possession…

You can guess I’m bored when I start talking about RL… gotta be something wrong…

Ah, well, I’ll try again, logging on, and see if its ok now, wanted to post a few photos…. we will see..

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