>64,000 ….. that is a new record ….. concurrency

>Well, its called concurrency, how -many-people-are=online-at-the=same=time, and 64,00 is a new record…….
theres a buildup of people using second life, and i think its probably cos the Linden Boys have got it together a bit better….
Its true theres more people going for the OpenSim stuff, but apparently theres still miles to go before you can even walk properly

Reuters says “OpenSim worlds like Central Grid run on new technology, looking and feeling primitive compared to Second Life. Avatar movements are jerky and imprecise. The “search” function is completely non-functional. The inventory server is so new that while you can carry objects across regions, it’s still impossible to transfer items from one avatar to another, quashing any economic applications until fixed.”

so that doesnt sound much fun….

anyway, good luck to us all and the linden Boys……

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