>The future is an orange

>Well, finally got the Most Ancient One planted on Orange Island, my latest build….

Still a lot of small fiddling around to be done but the basic planting first fix, is there.

Great fun to check, as I did, when I started, how many prims I had to play with in the land info, under How Many Prims bit on the land thingy…… well, a real treat…….. never seen before……. 14000 prims available……hehehehehe… now thats what I call a building site !!!!
The address is Orange 4 (197,206,24) and its a good idea to go when no-one else is there, cos all those sculpties take a while to pop, hope its worth the wait…

Otherwise, went to the haiku speed build, (no sculpties allowed) and made a bit of an arse of myself…….well, it was late at night and I was experimenting on my build with the alpha texs, inside each other, you know how the transparent bug plays havoc with your tex….well, I put 5 prims inside each other with alpha tex….. and, it wasnt brilliant, but it was interesting, then Rez says “1 minute to go” and, either the Lag Monster ate two of my prims, or, more likely, I hit the wrong key and deleted two!! it looked absolute crap when it came to judging and I couldnt leave it there…..

Oh, well, a few disasters, in public, never killed anyone….. .hehehehehe

Anyway, I will get around to putting Orange Island in my Picks, soonish……


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