>new build on hold…… bugger

>Well, the linden Boys have put the spanner in the works for my new build, with my current sponsor, jade, putting things on hold until the new pricing comes into force……
oh well, just gotta be patient, but thats not my best attribute….

this from the linden blog

“For Q2 our Island pricing is changing. New islands will be USD$1000 and this change will go live upon the new Land Store being launched, so before the end of April. Orders placed before the launch will be at the current USD$1675 pricing. Monthly fees will remain the same for Q2.

No doubt there will be lots of questions about how this affects those residents that have ordered islands very recently, and how it affects Openspaces or the Educational pricing. I will follow up with a much more detailed blog post in a day or two, so well before the new Land Store is launched; do please be patient while we get all the information finalised for you.”

Hmmm, dont they know that rising land prices are what keeps major economies afloat…i.e. UK….. not something to be worried about…… could even mean that mugs like me get to make a few bob on their investments….. oh well……

no new build for a few weeks then, I guess…..


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