>rich at last

>wow, just got this email….


I believe you are doing fine today. I am writing to inform you
about the necessary arrangements I have made to safe keep our
family funds. The fund is now with a diplomatic security company
in Europe and note carefully that the fund is in trunk and the
content of the crates is money “US$14 million cash” but I did
not disclose it to the Diplomatic Services as money, rather I
informed them that the crates contains Vital “DOCUMENTS AND
EXPENSIVE AFRICA ART WORK” belonging to a family friend and
also business partner (that’s you).

Please i want you to receive the trunks on our behalf and i will
like to have your consent if you are willing to do this so i can
inform you on the further procedures. Please note that you will
get a negotiable percentage of the fund and the deposit paper
is ready and will be forwarded as soon as you begin the process.
I am waiting to hear from you soon.



so, looks like I’m in the money, well, I said to him that I dont have a bank account except in Sl cos I’m an avatar, but that if he put his money into Lindens..(should get a few lindens for that)… then he could just Pay me and we could put the rest in giant prim and bury it in the cave on my beach, it’d be pretty safe there…..
then I could buy islands and things like that… it would be great…..
don’t know if he’ll get back to me…. we’ll see….

isn’t life strange, someone you never heard of wants to give you bundles of cash….. wow


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