>Skirt bug…..

>Well, SL never really ceases to amaze………

Yesterday I got a new outfit from Gilles DeCuir, a very talented designer, and was pleased as punch…. but……… the skirt did very strange things, and as I found out later, ALL my skirts did the same…. THEY DISAPPEARED……

I put on a skirt, 15 seconds later it went invisible….. it could be seen only in Appearance, and my Invent. assured me I WAS wearing said skirt, but it could be seen my no-one……

Now, theres been loads of weird things happen to me in my time, but this has gotta be one of the strangest. No-one I spoke to had ever heard of this “issue” as the Linden Boys like to call our bugs.

So….surely no-one has fixed it on purpose for me to wander round in my underwear, after all, the Boys could rummage thro my drawers anytime they wanted to… not really much option to Search for Skirt Bugs …… so guess I’ll be sticking to trousers for a while, (which is ok, after all I normally wear trousers,) but just for once I thought it’d be nice to wear a skirt……
Sods Law I guess….

Anyway, Gilles has done me proud and I’ll look fine tonight anyway….

thanks Gilles


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