>soror nishi award


Now, I am not being really nasty, or anything like that, but this sign is likely to win the soror nishi award for stupidest sign in the English language….
I think it is great what they are trying to do here, except that it feels a bit like being a goldfish in a bowl type thing…
what a strange mind set to call me “you”….. now, as far as I understand the English language…. either I am an I or I am a YOU….it seemslike it is impossible to be “you”, that sort of suggests that I may not really be a you, but am secretly an I….
I think that the word “you” is the most patently stupid use of the English language that I have ever encountered… and these guys may be due for an award….

Anyway, as Magritte is one of those painters you cant help loving…. and I love a bit of post-modern irony… I couldnt help replying, and though nowhere in the class of “ceci n’est pas une pipe” it did get a bit of frustration out…

I know it sounds funny to those who are either not in SL, or those who just visit, but I do think that I have some rights as soror Nishi, and though this is something to be taken up by philosophers and psychiatrists alike, soror Nishi is a reality, (and a force of Nature) and will not be treated, or called a “you”.


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One response to “>soror nishi award

  1. >Hahaha soror, this really sound like you! You? Hm, your sign says you are not a you … OK, here I go again: soror, this really sounds like me!

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