>Rezz Day …. yay…

>Well, I’m one today……. :))

Don’t think I’ve ever built so much in one day…….. it’s been great.

First there is the Garden, Npirl, Garden of Delights… thats gonna be great, and I’ve done my bit, well, about 80% finished, I would guess, but it’s always the finishing touches that take the time. Hell is in the details…:))

Then, for the first time ever I, at long last, got rid of that terrible Linden grass and sand in the sim I’m working on with Jade…… and made my own… much better, well, couldn’t be worse….lol

Unfortunately, for blog readers, theres a bit of a news blackout til its all done, so I’ll have to go out and get some gossip instead….:))

Won’t be long tho…….


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