>Orange Island Dance and Photo competition


Well, this is a competition arranged for tomorrow night on my build at Orange… starts 1pm SLT

Fab Outlander
“This Thursday, May 15th on Orange Island:
Within the virtual confines of Orange Island, a space dedicated to creativity and innovation
has been spawned. We call this special place “Create Programme.”

Imagine yourself in a primeval forest, under the canopy of stunning, lifelike vegetation.
Feel the pulse of the deep electro vibes, resonating among the organic surroundings as
DoubleDown Tandino spins electro music.
As you wander deeper, you find yourself in the middle of… a Party!

Slip into something comfortable then dress up your av for a steamy night in the jungle. And there will be a great Photo Safari contest, so don’t forget your camera!
Whether snapping pics of your friends dancing in the forest, or styling yourself as
a virtual artist in capturing images of the unique flora, this is an event to be remembered.

Send your snapshot from SL to pics@slpics.com before 3 PM on May 15th, and you’ll have a chance to win the contest!
1st price is 2000 L$ and you’ll have your picture published on http://www.orange-island.com
2nd price is 1000 L$
3rd price is 500 L$

So, tell your friends, and meet us at “Create Programme” on Orange Island this Thursday, May 15th!”

Well, now you know…..seeya there


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