>New Development… .6:56 AM SLT

>At a recent gathering of the Grey People, 40,000 people rezz into SL in one bush….yes, you heard it here first, the first General Meeting of the Grey Bush Cult.. and to make matters worse…..all had been Ruthed….. and no way out…..no tps worked, no nothing….Hmmmmmmm

[RESOLVED] Severe network problems
[UPDATE 5:51 am PDT] While resolved, we are still seeing some residual effects from our earlier outage. In our attempts to clear them you may see temporary network outages across most regions. When it does you will be unable to rez, teleport, search, etc. These should only last a few minutes and will not affect the entire network at once.

well, if thats resolved I’m a millionaire

back to the TV???? yukkk…no Blender, my friend, here I come…..


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Filed under Issues resolved, rather unusually

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