>Rainbow Forest by soror Nishi

>Bad News……. just in…….

I have been building the Rainbow Forest, on commission…… I was paid, promptly, and spent 2 months building it, totally new trees and tex and it was rezzed, boxed and passed on to the client who was very pleased with the result….

BUT……. the client is moving home and RL business has forced him to sell the sim before it was opened to the public…
and its all been returned……

so…..thats all i have to show for 2 months work…..(plus the cash…:))…) but its a shame cos it was quite good…. :(((



Filed under Returned to my Lost and Found...

2 responses to “>Rainbow Forest by soror Nishi

  1. >soror, what terrible news! I am so sorry to hear this. How frustrating. Would you like to re-rez it right away on a sim I might have available to me for a few weeks? Let’s look into it!

  2. >you are very kind, unfortunately he owns all the rights, the stuff is all his…..I will just have to be patient… :))

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