>Well, you cant keep a good woman down, and I’m busy building my socks off…. well, this time its for Earth Alcott and her sim Avgi. I’ve been commissioned to get a bit of life in her sim and I’m starting off with some tree houses, well, just one to start with…..and it’s looking good from here…..
Started up the old blender and mixing up some strange prims…all rather exciting….

The Rezz folk are all on hold while people take a well earned break after npirl/rezz Garden event… but I’m ready to finish off when I get the go-ahead…. thats the 60’s ride…..

Rainbow Forest was a bit of a let-down after months of work, but its postponed not deleted, so I’ll just have to learn some patience… lol…not my best attribute…:)))

Now, after due deliberation, Earth has given me a couple of tasks and i’m back in the saddle….well, not saddle exactly, I got myself a new seat which is kinder on the bum than my old one…. (bum smiles) ……so, sitting pretty….

Got RL house guests next few days so…. Monday i’ll be back on it…….


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