>Textures in Second Life……Workshop 3

>OK, so now we can move onto

Textures For Sculpties

and the reason they may need considering separately is because they can be very complex shapes and you can spend hours fiddling about trying to get them right. I cannot stop you doing that but there are two methods I use for complex shapes…. this is the first.

Test Pattern

After I have rezzed my prim

I apply the test pattern, which is by Robin Sojourner (wood) and then take lots of photos to disk. As I have the test pattern in Photoshop, I can use the colours, numbers and grid to locate things like eyes and fins.

This gives me the chance to do a trial run to find out if i can get, in this instance, the eyes and fins in the right place

Then after some more photos to disk…. a finished tex.

The second way of doing this, if the positioning is important is to use the 64×64 sculptie map as the start of your design, (not the finished tex, please….you can do better.)

well this is all pretty self explanitory… there are so many ways you can alter a 64×64 tex…. just have fun

so, this is the prim

this is the sculptie map used in its raw state…. ok, but a bit boring for some uses

and this is it after all the stuff above…. still not good enough…so a bit more mucking about..(otherwise known as designing…..) and its far more presentable

So, just a few ideas, you may find something you like.



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