>Wimbledon 2008 …. in depth analysis…

>Hehehe…. well, thats a lie really, there’s enough indepth analysis to drive you potty…

Basically, the Williams Sisters walked away with the Ladies Doubles and one of them one the Ladies Singles… now, that shows you how engaged I was, I saw the match, but couldn’t really get excited about who won. It didnt really matter much to me… (it was Venus)….

The Mens Singles, by contrast was the most gripping tennis I think I have ever seen….. The Old Master versus the New Kid…. wowowow…. what a match… the two best players in the world, locked in (not quite) mortal combat…. extreme excellence versus pure determination…… greta….:))
Nadal won eventually: and really quite inspiring… that if you want something enough…..(well, you have to have the skills, obviously)…

Star of the show was beyond doubt Laura Robson… she won the Girls Singles championship… well done…. but…. where she really scored big was in the interviews she gave. For once there was someone on the telly who had not been media trained, she was natural and normal, rather than “media savvy”….what a relief that real people can answer these stupid questions easily and with a tongue in cheek attitude. She may have lots of techniques to improve in her game, but her interview technique is 100% there. Just hope no smart ass teaches her “better”.


Venus Williams……. the only thing I am frightened of is cockroaches… (I believe you)

Nadal … when I am serving for the match, I see nothing.. (it was getting late)

Laura Robson…. (when asked about playing Venus)… I will take her down… (Laura is 14…. )

Stupid Quote of the Championship: (by a half-wit commentator)

“this is a really tense tie-break” ( what ?? as opposed to a laid back/ relaxed one….. fool)


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