>and now … the news

The Mortgage Gods are awakened, hungry for blooooddddd…… hehhehehe, …. hey ho !!

… ah well, here everything is beautiful, Life is beautiful.. …..

The news is like the old 50″s horror movies….”be afraid, be VERY afraid.” hehheheehe…..

well far more importantly I have been thinking of changing my shoe colour and nail varnish, and have finally gotten round to doing it… now that is breaking news…:))

also, sold some trees…thank you to all my benefactors…:))

I went to Tibet today too and visited the Potola which is still under construction, Wizard Gynoid and Tenzin working to bring a HUGE build to SL….well done you two..!!

otherwise ….hmmmm, counted my ears (to keep busy) rather than watch more news…:))
funny how the repetition of superlatives is so obviously counter-productive but the inflation (of superlatives) is institutionalised, and destined to self destruct…. super…!!


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Filed under end of an epoch. life-threatening news, world-shatteringly important

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