>House for sale


Well, I just sold my first house…(well, the Orchid House was my very first, but that wasnt public/mass housing like this one).. it is owned by Giancarla Loon, a lady of, obviously, good taste and style (it will be no surprise that she’s italian), has the house and the sea stack looking out over her property. (copies are available).

In another valiant attempt to show willing I went to the Burning…..couldnt see a dicky bird…nothing…..I have gone off BL…

I got talked about on Brooklyn is Burning podcastnumber 30….hehhehehe….. they were talking about my “early work” hehheehee, I’m only 18 months old…:)))

Started my part-time Sl job with earth Alcott, sort of Girl Friday…:))))) hehehhe designed some logos and built some boxes for a very exciting game to be installed on Avgi, her sim. Will tell more later……

Found a new alien plant species…..havent got the photo ready yet….tomorrow…:))

Thats about it,……lots of land for sale ropund my parts…… cant be the stockmarket crash….well, not SL market anyway…that went months ago…:))…. (that might be libel…..heheheheheh)


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