>Planet Mungo

>Love this build in a kinda 70’s futurist way.
This is Planet Mungo and the sheer beauty of the construction makes it an Architectural Wonder of Second Life. Worth a fly-round… don’t think you could take a bad picture of it.

I miss a bit of the chaos/irrationality that turns a good build into a great one.
I prefer a hand made pot to a machined one, its about ‘alienation’….. connecting to the process of the construction. Looking at a hand-made pot, I can see how it was made and to a certain extent I can speculate about or empathise with the person who made it.
I would not, ever (I think), be interested the mechanics of the machine that turned out my machined pot, it is not unique, no manual skill was involved in its production, it is a copy, thousands of identical pots exist, and it therefore has no value and no interest to me.

and that has to do with….???? well, its the repetitive element of design. When you use a large number of identical elements, like bricks in a wall, leaves on a tree, steel beams in a building… its like a visual grid, or set of rules, the eyes reads the geometry and ‘understands’ the rule….. but that is in itself not a dynamic situation.

Break that rule with an irrational, irregular element…and it becomes interesting.

You’ll find Planet Mungo in Search.



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