>Artistide Despres


A beautiful tex. this is what SL could look like…

Well, this is me, bless my little immersive socks, in Artistide’s crystal. Artistide has put together a beautiful piece, and I didnt want to show it all, so you’d have to go visit.
The Address is…. Caerleon Isle (139,37,1731,). Thats not a misprint…1731. so you have to tp a couple of times if it doesnt work out first time (you end up at ground level with some daft white gridded cubes).
IM Artistide If you get stuck, she’s very nice and will surely help.
Her blog is here


Rant Warning: ‘Immersive’. Now, several times people have said to me “This is an immersive sim” …..omg. Now, as my regular readers might have guessed there are some misuses of the English language that drive me nuts. This is one.

It would be stupid to talk about an immersive bath, because a bath is, by definition immersive.

A sim that isnt immersive is a web page.

Anyway, having got that of my chest…. I realise that I am a bit behind on my blogging and have quite a few things to write about, and, actually, a few rants. But putting aside the rants for the moment…


Sex was mentioned in an earlier posting this week and attracted a few giggles and laughs from some of you…..well, I didnt quite get to the end of the story..

The young man (who doesnt come In-World much nowadays) was as overwhelmed as I was non-plussed. So began a stange, lengthy and, in the end, decidedly weird relationship.

He was the first of a series of men I have met who have the idea that it is their right to insist on Mutual Disclosure. Mutual disclosure is the weird idea these people have, (mostly men) that because they tell you every minute and boring detail of their RL, that they can ask you, well, demand, actually, that you answer every question they ask.

Well, for me thats like reading an autobiography of the director while watching their movie.

Anyway, this young man pursued me, in his freebie skin, (another rant will hatch at some point about why men think a freebie skin and a pink balloon would tempt a girl to do silly things on little pink balls), without changing his clothes (ever) for months, until he wore himself out with frustration.

The weird part about it was that I was nagging him like a girl friend and grew to like him less and less, and myself less, the more I nagged him…… hmmm… started to get weird. But like many trials and tribulations … it passed.

Strange how quickly we forget our past mistakes….:)))

But the Further Encouters of Soror Nishi will have to wait for another time…:))



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