>AuraKyo Insoo


Another great tex…..

The build by AuraKyo at Rezzable 10 is a huge one. “Viva la Vida” its called and definately worth a visit, but its worth noting that it is worth going thro to the end, the poop deck….
There are parts of it that are fairly dark, but hey, that is how life is…. struggle on thro tho and you are rewarded on deck. Some great anims.

The address is Rezzable 10, (197,97,21).

On a more personal note I’ve been having a lull….:)) after the 64th I have been waiting for inspiration and I have some negotiations going on about a new project, and, annoyingly, and obviously, can’t say anything about it, yet.

Well, i have been shopping…. lol…. its still a bit of a chore…. waiting for a shop to rezz only to find its full of crap… hey ho…

So this is the 64th, for those who havent been to see it yet, it oozes chocolate from the roots, a strange phenomenon I know, but these exotics are a strange bunch.


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