>Openlife Grid, Sandbox Island 2.


Hey, well, I am IN !!!
Openlife Grid… …excellent
I hope to be building on Saturnia
come see…..well, I wont start til Friday, i guess

If you are having trouble getting connected to a region…. go to your Avatar Toolbox….ON THE WEBSITE….and change your location to:

sandbox Island
Sandbox island 1
ditto, 2 or 3
Saturnia…. its giancarla loon’s Region she is a good friend and customer of mine. :))





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2 responses to “>Openlife Grid, Sandbox Island 2.

  1. >Amazing, I started my Open Sim life some weeks ago……I also read and blogposted about the recent opening of the Open Sim channel on Koinupwhere I use to post my screenshots and metaverse contentshttp://www.koinup.com/in-opensim/

  2. >well, mforiero…… look forward to meeting you in world for a glass of champagne..:))

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