>Rescue Package for Nishi Motors

>I was gonna ask the Government for a few Million quid to rescue Nishi Motors, well, everyone else is doing it….
But I’ve been as busy as a termite mound over the last few days. I, foolishly, thought it must be time to upgrade my operating software from Tiger to Leopard….lolol

First I did a complete back-up, well, better safe than sorry, as they say… (“they” say far too much, in my opinion) and that took the most of one morning….then there was the uploading from the CD….fine….but….theres always a but….I didnt have enough space on my harddrive….where had all my GigaBytes gone (sounds like a Donovan song…..”where have all my gBs gone…long timmmmme passssing?…”)

So I downloaded the excellent Disk Inventory X, which told me they were all hiding in Previous Systems…..well, 16 of the little buggers…..so….that took hours to delete….120,000 items….

Then….the CD again… that took forever….then the upgrades and patches…..jeez… basically I’ve been at this for two days, on and off… and ended up without Photoshop cos my version is museum material by now, and no decent OS will support it….and with a new version costing A Lot of Cash… looks like I’m gonna be on the Gimp…( now, now,… the programme…)..and it makes you wonder, really, about all this progress…. its totally cash driven, aimed at getting you spending, just when things had settled down into a workable format…

So, and the aim??? Well, the aim was simply to file my tax returns online…. the govenment claim that its easy is a total mis-selling thingy…..

hey ho….. end of rant…:))) i am still online and smiling…



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