>My Big Show

>My first big show in a gallery starts next week….the 11th January, so put the date in your diary, I can guarantee it will be worth dropping in to. I am nearly there, just a few bits and pieces to touch up. Its looking good…..:))
I will blog and spam you all so that the address and stuff is firmly engraved in your brains..:))

This is NOT one of my trees. In fact, I wouldnt really give it prim-room….. the texture change script changes to give you four different textures for the 4 different seasons, but if all 4 are as bad as this tex, I think its a bad use of 4000L$….. lol…..the most expensive tree I have seen for sale to date.

My friend Caro…:)) ……it was an oversight from my previous post, not to have a photo of her…:))

Other breaking news is…. hmmm….not much really…. I am making a special prim for a competition at Caerleon for a One_Prim Wonder…. contact Sabinaa for details. The idea is that you enter just one prim for the competition/show and so I have had the Blender whirring, and now a magnificent tex is called for….. should keep me busy next week..

New Years resolution that I always make, and keep, is to never make New Years resolutions….it works for me….every year.



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