>Lalalala Gallery, Avendale


Yes, the time has come….well, almost…. my show is starting this Sunday and I will be giving a talk at 1pm SLT.

at 2pm there will be music. Phoe Nix will be singing and playing piano… so catch that too if you can.

When you arrive, you arrive at the Town Square. You will have to wait a bit til the signpost rezzzes……….then click on Lalalala gallery.

Its not at all uncommon for there to be these central tp points, mainly, i assume so that someone can count numbers (traffic) which is all very logical and scientific….weigh, measure, record….. good old fashioned Victorian cataloguing….
But…..to illustrate the nonsense of it…a lady asked me if I would like to show at her gallery….she had traffic of 8500 and something…..I laughed out loud.
Bots dont buy art.
And this whole incident just reinforces my previous posts about bots. They ARE spin, traffic spin.
So the inconvenience caused to people like you and me at places like Orange, Caerleon, and many other with central tp points is pure sillyness….. traffic is really the most useless piece of information going at the current time.

I want to tp where ever I like . Thats one of the joys of SL.



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