>stuff going on…..

>Well…all sorts of stuff is going on…..

Firstly I have been asked to do a build at Caerleon, and I understand that they want me on their website too as one of their ‘artists in residence’ which is obviously quite an honour….. lots of people I respect have already put stuff out at Caerleon, so I will feel like I am in august company. I will be getting 1200 prims and 3000m2 I understand, on a new sim, and this is likely to start next week.

I have already started putting some things together…and find I must make a new HUGE tree to match my 50th in scale. The 50th, although still on show at Orange, has been sold with full rights to Alexandar Vegas, so its basically his.

Then, just as I thought I would take a bit of a break, Gattina Dumpling asked me to join a collaborative build on a hotel she’s doing…so I will be doing a room along with another builder…..details, to follow…

Meanwhile, back at the shows….well… I think Evolution has two weeks to run and the one at the Austrian Sim has 10 days or so…..been selling mushrooms regularly to some foreign people which is nice, as that was the idea…:))

Haven’t been to many shows recently, but will have a look round this week-end if theres anything worth reporting on…. I will..

hi zc ..:))



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