>Sistagrlro Wei

>Again, another name that doesn’t trip off the tongue…but…hey, never mind.

Sistagrlro has an exhibition of photographs at Dakota Skies Cultural Centre, and she has proved me wrong, I’m glad to say.
Now, having stated in previous posts how little I like photos in SL (except for most of Cole Marie Soleil’s work) as an art form… here is someone who has achieved what I didn’t think possible.
These photos are pure gold.

Specifically, … I believe that the forms captured and nailed dead in a photo are the manifestation of the spirit (I never use the word ‘spirit’ lightly) that formed them.
So photos to me are a bit like tombstones… but Sistagrlro has resurrected the spirit from the forms.
She has done this through her love of nature and, conscious or unconscious, a deep understanding of how we see.

Her catalogue, which is a freebie, is worth the visit alone.

I bought a piece of her work, and I buy little art, not having the prims to show much of anything else but my own pieces.

The address is… Dakota Skies (66,58,23) and congrats to Dakota, she must have a very good eye, (Aliz is showing there too).



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