>Monkey Business


April Fool’s Day, the day of the fool, well, actually the Trickster (Mercurius for example) and monkey business is on my mind. Not, you understand, that I have intentions of committing…. more observing…

G20 monkey business, a day when leaders from around the world come and eat enough calories to keep several hundred people alive, spending enough money on air fares and hotels bills to provide fresh drinking water for thousands, to talk about poverty.

Politician’s monkey business, where the alpha males (and females) of my society can steal my money to provide themselves with luxury living (‘expenses’ swindles) without any fear of of the law when they are caught.

The Fool’s day celebrations through out history have been a sort of reminder of the advance of consciousness and a mocking of a primitive or naive mind which is relegated to a lowly status and suppressed into the unconscious… there to diminish and fade….hmmm…well, no. Like all things repressed it grows, this more archaic consciousness, and takes the form of the Shadow.

The Fool, the Trickster and Shadow are facets of the same archetype and to be regarded with some awe.



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