>The Immaculate Conception of soror Nishi.


Now, this is a true tale…….

This is my humans birthday, and, 3 years ago to the day, a small canvas for oil painting was among the birthday presents….

I got painted on that canvas over the next few weeks…. and so, nothing much happened until a year later when my human heard about SL and saw a way of giving birth to me in 3D…. and I was rezzed into existence… after a years gestation.

and the rest is documented history…




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6 responses to “>The Immaculate Conception of soror Nishi.

  1. >And we are so very glad of it. Our world would be far less colorful and imaginative had you not rezzed. Happy birthday, soror! Do we give you a pixelated pinch for an inch?

  2. >and what a glorius flower that spawned from that beautifull seed ….and the cycle is compleate xxxxHappy Birthday Human x

  3. >wow, such nice words, thank you pixi

  4. >Bettina, thank you..pinch me anyday…:)))

  5. >because of you sweet cheeks ….i now have a blog xxx

  6. >ooo… leave us the address…..

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