>New Eyes from soror Nishi…..or make em yourself…

>Well…..making eyes is easy… download one of these images…you have my full perm… muck about with it in PS or Gimp….save it as a TGA… then upload it to SL

..once you have it in SL, go into Appearance and, assuming you are wearing Mod. eyes…..just slip the new texture in. Yes, it is the right way up, DONT rotate this tex 90 degrees.
If Appearance says ” you cannot modify these eyes” then wear a pair from your Library, they should be Mod.

Both eyes are the same tex…so new eyes will cost you 10L$ unless you share of course…:))

How about…… eyes with barcodes? eyes with words written…like whatever you want to say…
or… paste photos and patterns onto a white (512×512) or coloured background…

enjoy…its the easiest thing to make unless you want FL eyes.. then you are best buying em for 50L$…


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Filed under Making your own stuff in SL.

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