>more new stuff


I put up some of my textures on show at my place, really just because people who missed my last texture show might be interested.

and…. this is my latest flower, the Blue Spotted Orchid. Its for sale up in the walled garden, and its worth having a good look inside the flower head if you do pass that way. The colours inside have worked out nicely.

Most of you will have got an invite to see the Steam Funk Tree at Lalalala Gallery, I will post details next time I blog.

Lala very kindly offered me space and it looks pretty good there beside the canal. Very different style to all my previous trees…



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2 responses to “>more new stuff

  1. >im so glad that you have a showing/ veiwing so soon …having that sneaky peek has wet my apetite for more soror steam punk …loving the new style diversion, and what bloody awasome texturing also.(i blatently love all your stuff as you know)… but it really has reaffermed and reminded me of how skilled you really are …cogs and rivets….brilliant! …. for those who havent seen it yet,you are in for a happy suprise :)

  2. >….*blushes*…. thx Pixi, what a sweetie you are.

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