>Ghost, literally, in the machine.


Well, its a bit spookie when someone just stands around on your parcel and doesnt speak to you for two days.
Kinda weird….. so, anyway…. turns out she’s not here.

A ghost.

So the ghost has an alt….and the owner of the ghost can’t log on as LL says she’s already online…..gets quite tricky. Anyway the alt had a friend… Cormac Jaxxon, the big guy, and he came over as a type of Ghostbuster to move the girl along.

Trouble with that plan is, that although she looks like she’s there, she isn’t.

Couldn’t kill her, or ban her…

I tried planting flowers on her, just to sort of disguise her a bit, make her blend in…

Told you it was tricky.

Sent in a Jira… lol…..couldn’t the Boys make it any MORE difficult to understand… my oh my….what a nonsense…
Hopefully a sim restart will shift the ghost….



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One response to “>Ghost, literally, in the machine.

  1. >spooky dooks…yeas its really strange seeing your own ghost …the time continuum doesnt let you cross paths with your other dimensional self ,so if you go to meet them … one of you will dissapear… but ..wich one? (mystical music here )!

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