>Oh dear…


Ahhh…well… I hit the “stand up ” button and ended up levitating like in some strange hypnotists show…

so…I relogged… and lost 5000 items from my invent… then I relogged again and seem to have a couple of hundred more items than I thought I had… oh well….

and while I was waiting to clear cache (which always takes ages for me….) I signed up as a Plurker, and after all those things I said about Twits it is a bit daft as I am never online apart from being in SL, so this may all be a waste of time, but I guess its curiosity that has driven me…..

meanwhile, back at the ranch…… well, I have started on a new tree…but have yet to get my head around the fruit or flower decision….
also I signed up for the Raglan thing…will probably show a tree… (surprised?)…..

and Pixi blogged me….thx a lot, Pixi xxx

ahhh, yes, confirmed, it seems, my talk on “Hand-Made Textures’ at Angelgate on Monday 25th at 12, noon SLT…. a good amount of the stuff I will talk about is in my Texture Workshops, to be found in these hallowed pages (use search)… but there are things I am learning all the time…so maybe a few ideas going that could be useful….

other news is sorta all in the realm of maybe’s…. so I will have to wait and see, but it looks very much like I will get to do a book cover for a friend (RL) … so all sorts of things happening….



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