>White Lebed at Artemesia


I don’t know anyone who can bend a regular prim like White. To imbue a prim with movement and grace is extremely well done, and True Sculpting. …..so….combine that with some good music and you have to have a good show.

This is exactly what happened at Artemesia… the music started and Whites sculpted musicians appeared…. great. IM White for details of the next show.

Bettina has been kind enough to blog one of the great photos of my place taken by Lem Skall who is a real gem , its to be seen on her blog.

Meanwhile the view of Lifstaen from the air is getting better I’m glad to say…. and shows exactly why I hate those canopies that are not canopies…i.e. the crossed transparencies used by Lindens and others .

Also, last but not least, Bettina is heading a Will Your Work Day… 18th May, the idea is that if you don’t will your Virtual Assets to anyone…formally, properly… they will all disappear after your death (except those already rezzed of course)… so the push is to get people to remember that their Virtual Assets are as important to think about as their cars and fridges.

I’m sure there will be a few posts mentioning this blogged today…




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3 responses to “>White Lebed at Artemesia

  1. >Thank you for coming to my opening, Soror :) And for your kind words about my sculptures.We plan to run a few more music presentations, so hopefully those who missed it will have a chance to see. Meanwhile, I posted some pics on my flickr page

  2. >soror! Thank you for spreading the news about Will your Work Day. There’s a new service called Legacy Locker https://www.legacylocker.com/ that might be just the ticket for folks with considerable virtual estates and it’s free for up to three “assets” or accounts.

  3. >Thats excellent Bettina…I will spread the word.:))

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