>New build


Well, the work on my little patch at the land Expo is nearly finished.. pop over if you want a sneek preview …here because the Boys were a bit mean with the plot, and the prims, I had to go up… so this is the scene at the top

and this is the pond at the bottom….maybe not my best ever build, but it gives people an idea of what I do….[.hmmm…managed to get those two photos the wrong way round…still….you know what I mean.]

and…lovely tho it was…I had to put my Eshi in the washing machine…I had been wearing it for weeks, and was v bored with my looks…

I have this brace to keep my brain in place… should help.

meanwhile….. well… its all a bit laid back and summery all round really…. not being very productive at anything… but I am making plans (she said secretively)…… of course, lots of things never get off the drawing board.. so we’ll see… oh yes…and I’m giving a talk next week… no idea what to say yet, will post details, Wednesday 10th it will be….heheheh…the title is ….”The Indigenous Flora of Second Life”




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2 responses to “>New build

  1. >You and your little patch are buuuutiful! Like the new look, and so practical, too.

  2. >Well thank you, Bettina.hehehehe:))

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