>Soror gets a life


I thought some of my more urban-based readers might like to see the Mac hospital where baby Mac got his new transplant, its a converted shed out in the cabbage fields bordering the fens of southern Kent.

While the operation was going on, nearly 8 days offline, I decided to take my own advice and get a life.

So… I watched TV, after all thats what normal people do, and saw some of the following programmes…

1. People Too Stupid To Manage Their Children..
2. People Too Stupid To Manage Their Diets…
3. People too Stupid To Know They Have No Talent..
4. Etc..

soon found out that the only thing of interest on TV (as the US open hasn’t started yet) is Big Brother which is one of the most hysterically funny things on the box. Take a load of wannabees and torture them in public….great!! and, as it’s unscripted, the characters aren’t 2D beings, (stereotypes) but quite complex and interesting… excellent.

I read all 5 books of the Hitchhikers Guide trilogy again….that was cool…

Went to the Library and tried to run SL on the computer there.. well.. the computer said…”pleeeaaase, you have got to be joking” and went into shock…oh OK .. it seems to have the computing power of a digital watch…

Started on my second RL tree.. looks like a good one…:))

Counted my ears…

Decided SL was worth the 700US$ needed for the operation and waited patiently…

Picked some tomatoes…

Counted my ears again….

Then….early this morning I went out to the hospital thro the monsoons to pick up my baby….YAY!!!

The scars on my credit card may well take a while to heal…but…it’s decidedly worth it.




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2 responses to “>Soror gets a life

  1. >So – what came out as the number of ears? ;)

  2. >well, it was the reassuringly boring national average..:))

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