>Inworldz, and history…


Ah… my first tree ever to have been built outside Second Life, except my RL tree of course.

I built it yesterday at Inworldz, a grid where I went on the recommendation, as I said before, of Scotsgraymouser.

Now, if the success of a new grid is in any way dependant on the attitude of the administrators, then this place is gonna do VERY well. How nice to be treated as a valued customer as soon as you set foot in the door.
Also…no lag, not many people there yet, prims cost just 10% of SL and I uploaded 1200 textures for 0L$… no wonder I’m smiling.

Anyway, as it was an historic moment, I called the tree Ficus Inworldzii, and, of course, it is only available in Inworldz for 500L, (copy only) ….so, nice to be helping to populate a Linden-tree-free world…

Now, only a couple of hundred more species to go……



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