>September shows

>Well, there’s quite a lot going on over the next few weeks for me after which I will probably feel like putting my feet up and getting drunk…:))

The show at PiRats is going well and my piece has had a few compliments which is very heartening.

Artistide is re launching her major piece later which now, once again (it moved locations) it incorporates a few of my trees and flowers, well, more mushrooms than flowers. my bits represent drug induces illusion, I think…:))

Then at the weekend, I have a piece in the Erato show/competition. The task was to use pre-given textures on one of my builds,…. will give LM and stuff later.

AuraKyo has a piece of mine, hitherto unseen, in her new show which, again, I will give details of soonish.

At the end of the month I will be showing at Deutche Info Welt and have reworked my alien tree very nicely, its improved since SL6B, and some other supporting vegetation…..

And, Burning Life,….the group (a Freak of Nature) has 3040 meters and 750 prims to play with . Pixi Cosmos and Snowy Hoobinoo will be contributing alongside me in a (hopefully) stunning build…. such a shame the Boys have a bee in their bonnets about Megas, tho….oh well….one day…*sigh*…. (and why this fixation on desert…. just 10 meters down there’s LOADS of water…)….

oh, yes, this is the island Boabab from Inworldz…

…and the Pink Fig is gonna be very good, not quite finished yet, tho….



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