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Ok….so, I’m sure to blog this again with a few more precise details, but… Next Sunday there’s an opening of my Alien Forest at the Space Convention Centre on Sunday the 18th. It’s Deutche Info Welt…..and I will post a Slurl and stuff. Its gonna be at 1PM SLT I think….have yet to work out the time…..10PM CET anyway…… more about it here, though you might need to translate it….

Popped into Reaction Grid for the first time on Friday just to say hi to Snowy but he wasn’t there….anyway got my clothes and skin on etc…met a few cool people, these small grids are very welcoming… all seemed quite stable…

AuraKyo is showing a lovely piece ….here and there’s a wishes board you can add you’re thoughts too…. I got carried away with the lights and effects and didn’t notice it, but I was trying to squeeze it in before heading off to Australia…..

University of Western Australia has been hosting, and will continue, a monthly design/build competition….

“Some exciting new developments that happened today. Thanks to ShedworX.com, we have managed to raise the GRAND PRIZE for both the IMAGINE & FLAGSHIP Challenges to L$75,000 (& L$14,000 for the Second Prize. Monthly prizes, with immediate effect will increase to $L5,000 & $L1,250 respectively.

For the IMAGINE challenge, the Best Non-Scripted entry prize will also increase to L$1,250 and the winner of the 1st prize and best Non-Scripted prize will have RL custom T-Shirts made for them based on their favourite texture. This will be custom made in RL, and posted to them, wherever they are in the world! These special prizes come courtesy of www.etshirts.com

Also a special artists participation pool (donation) has been established thanks to the generosity of Sasun Steinbeck & Tranguloid Trefoil who have agreed to join me in contributing L$1000 monthly toward the pool, and Phillip Vought who has agreed to contribute for October. This will be reset at the start of every month. All artists who submit a genuine entry (not a block of plywood) and who do not receive one of the main prizes, will receive a share of what has been contributed to the donation jar for that month. Nothing is being kept for the land tier, 100% will go back to artists.”

Now, this is exactly the sort of thing that should be encouraged in my view…. anyway…I won a RL T-shirt for the best textures…and… the other top prizes were…..

September round winner

1st Prize: Our Souls Collide by Snubnose Genopeak ($L5,000)
2nd Prize: Immersize Art: The Maze by Alizarin Goldflake ($L1,250)
Best Non-Scripted Entry: An Unknown Race by isaa Gelber ($L1,250)
Best New Artist (as selected by Art Philanthropist, Phillip Vought): isaa Gelber (7,000 prims for 1 month & $L1,000). This has been set up at Excalibur, Aquitain

Honourable Mention (Technique): Seahorse by Tweak Serpente ($L500)
Honourable Mention (Elegance & Movement): Peacocks by Ninka Darkstone ($L500)
Honourable Mention (Legacy): First Prim by Venom Silverfall ($L500)
Honourable Mention (Excellence in Texture Creation): The Wizard Fruit Tree by Soror Nishi

1st Prize : Arcapelus Sanctuary by Moth Rexen ($L5,000) see photo above…..

4 Honourable mention prizes have been awarded. The Honourable Mention prize of $L500 for Legacy is awarded to:

The Honourable mention prize of $L500 for Elegance & Movement is awarded to:

The Honourable Mention prize of $L500 for Technique, is awarded to:

The Honourable Mention Prize for Excellence in Texture Creation, which is a Custom Made RL T-Shirt for them based on any texture they would like, is awarded to:

Next we move to the 2nd overall prive for the IMAGINE Challenge. There were an incredible array of remarkable entries, and it was very difficult for the judges to seperate the top 6. After long consultation, the 2nd prize ($L1,250) was awarded to:

We also have for this month, a special prize for Best New Artist. This was judged 2 weeks ago, by Arts Philanthropist, Phillip Vought, who contributed 7,000 prims on his land at Excalibur, Aquitaine for use by the artist for the month of October. UWA have added L$1,000 to the prize. This award, was given not for a single artwork, but for the incredible range displayed by the artist. The prize goes to:

Please visit the Exhibition she has set up, and do let all your colleagues know about this:

Next is the prize for Best Non-Scripted Entry ($L1,250). What the judges were looking for, was the entire message the artwork gave, and the capacity of the artwork to make the viewer pause and ponder. This prize has been awarded to:

An amazing double truimph for isaa, from 2 different judging panels

Now for one of the overall winner prizes. Again,as mentioned, 6 artworks were shortlisted for the top 2 positions, and very little seperated them, but in the end, the judges decided that inaugural monthly winner of the L$5,000 IMAGINE Challenge prize is:

The final prize for the day, is the winner of the FLAGSHIP CHALLENGE for September. The judging panel, elected not to award a 2nd prize for this category, and hence we were able to award the Honourable Mention prizes. Inaugural monthly winer of the L$5,000 FLAGSHIP Challenge is:

so….if you haven’t entered it’s well worth doing so as some Linden’s will be available to every entry…. now…that’s what I call a good competition.

and….I have to say that Snubnose’s very clever particles were well deserving of the prize….

All this, and I did manage to more-or-less finish my latest tree… my 82nd Ancient One, and, at last, I’m very happy with it. just need to wait for a good opportunity to show it now….. will post photos next week I hope.


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