Well, I got mugged by 5 year olds at my own front door for stuff…..accompanied by their Dad, but didnt really feel like giving them sweeties, didn’t have any in the house anyway so put some cash in their mugging box. It’s all foggy outside like autumn is really here, we’ve had quite mild weather this last week or so. Fireworks going off every night now…so….winter approaches and I am definitely not wearing warm clothes in SL. Think I’ll wear my bikini all winter…(may have said that already here…new brain, please…).

Oh, yes…thanks to Jeannie Nishi for my skin and Alpha for the BL cape (“Hermit”)…went to UTSA for a while with Wizzy and just chilled…..working on a new tree which is reminding me of those pineapple chunks on cocktail sticks they used to have at parties many moons ago… not sure if it will pass the rigourous quality control officer (me) or end up composted, it’s at that sort of in-between state at the moment…

Otherwise, heard that Inworldz are offering 5000 prims to builders for just 20US$ per month…. interesting…. and went to see Selavy’s new project which I will blog when she gives me the nod, maybe next week. Also next week we expect to hear about the Nebraska deals…..these are stand-alone solutions for Companies who don’t wanna get too near to SL…like afraid of infection from us natives…:)) I don’t think they’ll be a big thing. Not much going on in the world of blogs at the moment…..

This blog hit 1200 visits this month with approx. 1.5 pageturns per visit…..so thats 1800 pageturns…..wow.. and Hi to whoever reads this blog in Russia…

…and… 38% of you are Mac users….hehehhehe….i like that…




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2 responses to “>Halloween

  1. >Wow!!Sorry I missed you costume!!!Beautifulalthough sorry to hear that you got mugged :(We had fireworks here last night as wellI often ask myselfor at least did last nightWhat am I doing in SLwhen there are fireworks outside my RL doorstep?but it seems once I pop in to visitI just can't seem to leavexxxxxIsa

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